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The exterior of our home was such a mess before we had Hansons Windows install vinyl siding. Our previous siding was chipped, dated, and unflattering. The day our new siding was installed, we were happy to display our 1-800-hansons windows lawn sign because we were so proud of and happy with the work that they did. Our home literally had received a Hansons makeover, and today we are proud to say that it looks gorgeous and stands out on our block. Thank you so much Hansons Windows – you made it possible to fall in love with the exterior of our home again.

Cindy F . -Grand Rapids, Michigan

With thousands of satisfied customers in throughout Michigan it is easy to see why Hansons Windows is the smart choice for your home. Dont wait! Contact Hansons Windows today for your in-home estimate

Hansons Siding Michigan

Hansons Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding from Hansons Windows is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for reduced maintenance and increased energy efficiency. Vinyl siding from Hansons Windows has become so very popular because of its ability to resist rotting, lower energy costs, withstand brutal Michigan and Ohio weather, and increase overall home re-sale values. Additionally, siding from Hansons Windows is extremely affordable when compared to other home siding options.

The demand for high quality vinyl siding is why Hansons Windows has decided to provide this option to many homeowners across Michigan and Ohio. Vinyl siding from Hansons Windows will save time and money and can be installed on nearly any home. Hansons Windows offers multiple styles, colors, and patterns to choose from to suit any customer's preference.

Benefits of vinyl siding from Hansons Windows

  • Not Having To Re-Paint Your Home Every 5-7 Years
  • Not Having To Worry About Rot Or Termite Damage
  • Lower Energy Bills When Using Siding With Insulated Backing
  • Higher Home Resell Value And Increased Equity
  • Multiple Array Of Styles Provide You With The Ability To Modernize Or Maintain A Traditional Look

5 easy steps to a beautiful new long lasting exterior home siding from Hansons Windows

1. Choosing the right siding company for your home
Your home is your biggest investment so choosing the right siding company for your home improvements can be daunting. Hansons Windows suggests asking the following before allowing any company to work on your home:

  • Has the company been in business for over 20 years?
  • Does the company have a showroom?
  • Is the company licensed, insured and bonded?
  • Does the company offer a full guarantee?
  • Does the company offer a variety of products for varying budgets?
  • Is the company’s product energy star rated?
  • Are the company’s products NFRC rated?
  • Is the Company Rated by Qualified Remodeler and/or other remodeling publications?
  • Does the company do a post job clean up?
  • Does the company custom measure each job?
  • Does the company offer financing?
  • Does the company offer a MONEY BACK GAURANTEE
  • Above all, choose a home improvement company in which you feel comfortable with and is willing to walk you through the whole exterior house siding process without hesitation - Good communication is key to a successful project!

2. Setup and preparation from Hansons Windows:
Each vinyl siding project from Hansons Windows requires a different approach and solution before any work begins. This involves selecting the right equipment and materials to allow the optimal outcome for your home's Hansons Windows vinyl siding project.

3. Siding Installation from Hansons Windows
The Hansons Windows team of siding professionals know exactly how to get the job done correctly for your complete satisfaction! Hansons Windows is constantly on the look out for new and improved vinyl siding products to give you with the best looking and longest-lasting exterior siding in the neighborhood.

4. Clean-up from Hansons Windows
When you choose Hansons Windows for your vinyl siding, clean up isn't something we do when your siding has been completely installed - it's what we do every step of the way! We take pride in our work and we love it when homeowners are able to walk around the job without worry of stepping on a nail, or trash to see our vinyl siding installation progress.

5. The Final Inspection
Before Hansons Windows siding professionals leave, a final "walk-around" of your home will be done to verify that your previous concerns have all been address and are completed to your standards.

Choose the best! Contact Hansons Siding Michigan.